What is a teeth whitening treatment?

Teeth whitening is a procedure performed with the use of special substances and devices, allowing to remove discolouration and obtain a lighter shade of teeth. Contemporary whitening techniques make it possible to achieve the desired results in a very short period of time, and at the same time they are completely safe and, with appropriate care of oral hygiene, make it possible to maintain the effect of white teeth for many years.

Tooth whitening consists of oxidising the discolouration present in the tooth structure using hydrogen peroxide, sometimes in combination with carbamide peroxide. Depending on the case, the substances are applied alone or require activation by means of a lamp or laser.

Teeth whitening methods:

Cabinet method

First, the dentist examines the Patient to determine whether the procedure can be performed immediately or must be postponed due to the need to treat decay or remove calculus. During preparation for the procedure, the Patient is fitted with protective goggles, a special oral dilator and a gel, so-called liquid cofferdam, is applied to the gums. A whitening preparation is then applied to the teeth, after which the dentist irradiates them with a lamp, activating the effect of the gel. The entire procedure takes between 15 and 20 minutes and is repeated three or four times. The effect stabilises after about six weeks.

Overlay whitening

It starts with the making of special trays in the dentist's office based on the impression taken. These are applied together with a whitening gel at a time set by the dentist. They are usually used at night. Such whitening takes a little longer from 10-14 days, but the results are the most significant of all home methods.

Dead tooth whitening

After root canal treatment, the tooth turns blue over time, which is an aesthetic problem. The tooth must first be opened in order to insert the whitening inlay. This works from the inside. The inlay has to be replaced every few days until the desired effect is achieved. Once the treatment is complete, the tooth chamber is closed with a composite filling.

What distinguishes the modern teeth whitening method ZOOM ?

The ZOOM! was developed by Dr Bill Dorfman. This method involves effectively and spectacularly whitening teeth in just one hour. ZOOM! gel is applied to the teeth, for which a special light has been prepared. If sandblasting or tartar removal is necessary prior to the treatment, it should be performed. If the patient does not qualify for in-office whitening, the ZOOM! NIGHT WHITE can be used during overlay whitening at home.

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