Do you want to know what your new smile will look like ?
At Jesionowa Dental Clinic you will see it even before treatment.

Smile design is a modern concept of digital visualisation of the treatment plan, which allows us to see the final result, i.e. the patient's new smile. A smile that has been designed using the innovative 3Shape Smile Design system.

How does 3Shape Smile Design work?

3Shape Smile Design

is a modern tool with which a visualisation of the Patient's new smile is created. To this end, we take a series of professional photographs and conduct a thorough interview with the Patient in order to understand their expectations.

As experts

in dentistry, we pay attention to the Patient's characteristics, eye colour, facial expression, lip shape and even complexion. Combining the physical elements of the Patient with their personality results in a final result that is in line with their individual preferences.

Innovative technology

It is used in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, as well as prosthodontics.

The stages of digital smile design.

We have tried to narrow down the whole process to 4 points.
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performs a thorough aesthetic diagnosis and analyses the relationship between teeth, lips, smile and facial features. We conduct a thorough interview with the patient, ask questions and suggest what should be changed or improved. The patient's active participation ensures mutual satisfaction, which is particularly evident at the final visit.

We take virtual

impressions of the teeth, which enables the dentist and technician to make the exact digital analysis of the teeth needed for treatment planning.

We take professional photographs,

which we input into the 3Shape Smile Design programme. We can make many changes in the system, including retouching tooth discolouration, correcting imperfections, socking, lengthening and levelling messy gaps between teeth.

We present a finished visualisation

of the planned treatment, which we will imprint in the 3D printer. Referred to as a mock-up, it is a stimulation of the new crowns/veneers, created from high-quality plastic. It is a temporary overlay, making the previous visualisation a reality.

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