Digital prosthetics

The main task of prosthodontics is to replace the Patient's missing teeth, as well as to improve the appearance of the teeth to achieve an aesthetic effect. Thanks to the buoyant development of this field of dentistry, prosthetics offers increasingly modern solutions.

In our clinic, we use the 3Shape intraoral scanner, which presents an accurate digital image of the Patient's teeth. The technology used makes it possible, among other things, to select the correct colour of the restoration to match the Patient's natural teeth.

The undoubted advantage of digital prosthetics is the reduced treatment time. It allows the patient's bite conditions to be assessed, which makes it easier to tailor a solution to his or her needs; more than that, a prosthetic crown can be designed and then the design sent to the milling machine.

What prosthetic solutions can be used?

Many modern methods

Although prosthetics is mainly associated with dentures, there are many modern methods that can replace removable dentures. Today, it is easy to replace missing teeth with crowns or prosthetic bridges. It is also worth mentioning implantology and the methods of All-on-4 or All-on-6.


Crowns are used when the natural crown of a tooth is damaged. With it, the appearance of the tooth can be corrected. Before a crown is used, the tooth must be root canalised, then a crown is placed on the ground dental tooth to match the remaining teeth.

Prosthetic bridges

Prosthetic bridges are used when there are single tooth gaps. Its placement requires the grinding of two teeth adjacent to the dental gap. A new solution is implant-supported bridges, which allow the entire dental arch to be reconstructed.

Main task of prosthetics

Replacing the patient's missing teeth and
improving the appearance of the teeth to achieve an aesthetic effect.

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