What is restorative dentistry?

It is the branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of cavities caused by decay or trauma. Early treatment of caries helps to avoid serious complications, as untreated caries can even lead to tooth loss. Cavities are treated with specialised materials, called fillings, which are designed to protect the tooth from decay and damage.

Filling types:


Most commonly used. They can be selected to match the colour of the tooth. There are two types of composite fillings: light-cured and chemically-cured. They adhere perfectly to the retained tissues, so that the cavity can be treated economically (and thus no healthy tooth tissue has to be removed). Teeth are restored quickly and easily, often within a single visit. Thanks to fluoride ions, composite fillings additionally help to prevent caries. They strengthen tooth structures and are crush-resistant.

Inlay & Onlay porcelain

These are fillings that allow the anatomical shape of the teeth to be perfectly reproduced. They are made in the prosthetic laboratory and then bonded to the prepared cavity in the tooth. Inlays & Onlays are abrasion-resistant, making the tooth look natural and retaining its properties.

Glass ionomer filling

It is a powder containing calcium-aluminum-silicon glass enriched with fluoride ions. Such a filling is biocompatible with living tissue. It is a crushable but not very tensile material. It has very good adhesion to dentin and shows resistance to moisture.

Gold inlay & onlay

In the case of large cavities, gold Inlays & Onlays are used because they are an allergy-free material with high strength. The abrasiveness of gold is similar to that of enamel, and in addition to preventing secondary caries, it has a bacteriostatic effect. Due to the colour of the case, this restoration is mainly used in the upper molars.


It is an alloy of mercury with several other materials, the oldest material used in restorative dentistry. It is a very durable and non-abrasive material, resistant to external conditions. Amalgam is used to treat cavities in lateral teeth or invisible cervical cavities because it has silver - making it stand out against the teeth.

What are fillings?

Fillings are the restoration of the anatomical structure of a
of the tooth that has been disturbed as a result of cavities.

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