What is the All on 4 method?

This is a modern treatment method that involves replacing missing teeth with an implant-supported bridge. The entire dental arch is supported by 4 implants. Implant-supported restoration using the All on 4 method is carried out in one day.

Implant-supported dentures All on 4 - why is it worth it?

Reducing treatment costs

The reconstruction of the dental arch is based on 4 implants. With these, up to 12 teeth can be reconstructed. This reduces the time and cost of treatment.

No additional treatments

The All on 4 method does not require a sinus lift. The two implants are specially inclined, allowing proper stabilisation of the bridge on the implants and the oral cavity.

Short execution time

The arch reconstruction method allows for a shorter procedure thanks to digital dentistry solutions. The surgical templates and 3D tomography used enable the procedure to be performed in one hour.

Fully customised to the needs of the patient

All-on-4 makes it possible to tailor an implant-supported bridge to each patient's needs. The bridge can be; fixed, removable, made of zirconia, acrylic or porcelain.

Stages of All-on-4 treatment

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all-on-4 treatment below.

1. Consultation with an expert

During the consultation with the dentist, a CT scan is taken to assess the condition of the bone. The dentist checks the dentition to determine whether the All-on-4 method can be used. If there are contraindications, our experts will find the ideal solution.

2. Planning the course of treatment

We start each All-on-4 treatment with an individual treatment planning. At the appointment, the implantologist answers the patient's questions and takes an impression to prepare the surgical templates.

3. Implant placement and prosthetic work

The treatment time is one hour. On the day of the procedure, the prosthodontist finishes the bridge that will be supported by the implants. We will ensure that the entire treatment is painless.

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